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Make a Companion

Make a Companion

Have Fun With Your Dogs

Have Fun With Your Dogs

Child Safety Is Imperative

Child Safety Is Imperative


Animal Hospital of Frisco
8911 Coit Rd.
Frisco, TX. 75035
Phone: 972-712-1755

Stonebrook Veterinary Clinic
7151 Preston Rd.
Suite 411-D: Frisco, TX.
Phone: 972-712-3200


“When Seth walks in the door Chloe does a little dance! She has such fun training and has learned so much. Thank you Seth!” Amy

“Not too terribly long ago I was blessed w/a beautiful German Shepherd puppy, and I had no idea how to get her to behave (she wanted to be a “good dog”) or to mind our commands or how to be a part of the family. I was lucky enough to have found, and he has really made our lives so much more manageable w/our wonder pup. My pup went from “walking me” to a well behaved, well mannered, wonder pup. The difference is like night and day. She’s a different dog now. She loves all the great positive feedback. She thrives on it. Without Seth she would have reeked havoc (as most dogs do w/out proper training) on the house, my guests and my family. I can’t say enough positive things about the change in my dog. It was so worth the investment. We could not be happier.” Cassandra

“I learned about K-9 Achievers, Inc® from the Frisco Style. I found that Seth’s love of dogs was the most helpful during the training. Lucy knew he liked her and, therefore, I think she was eager to learn from him. Seth is a quality trainer who truly loves and understands dogs.” Jamie F.

“I learned about K-9 Achievers, Inc® from my veterinarian. Seth did a great job training us to train our dog properly. He helped us turn our out-of-control puppy into an obedient dog.” Steve H.

“I learned about K-9 Achievers, Inc® from the advertisement on the side of Seth’s vehicle. After two lessons we noticed an immediate change in our dog’s behavior. When we followed instructions and kept consistent, our puppy was much calmer and more receptive. I will recommend K-9 Achievers, Inc.®!”

“I learned about K-9 Achievers, Inc® by word-of-mouth. Prior to calling, I had a boxer that I loved but was unable to control and grew afraid of. I knew that I did not want to give up on him, and it was a matter of finding the right trainer that could teach me how to better communicate and build a respectful friendship with him. K-9 Achievers, Inc® did this for me. I only wish I had found them sooner! Everything that has been taught to me is used everyday to continue the bonding and promote a lasting friendship between myself and dog. Thank you K-9 Achievers, Inc®!” Kelly W.

“Seth displays an honest and caring attitude when working with clients and their dogs. He gives encouragement when needed and is meticulous when evaluating a dog’s and/or handler’s performance. He is well organized and self-motivated. Seth’s integrity and skill will make you glad you called K-9 Achievers, Inc® Carol B.

“I learned about K-9 Achievers, Inc® over the Internet. Seth is a very easy-going person; our dog took to him immediately and so did we. His patience and clear method of instruction made it very easy to learn the commands. We have already and will in the future recommend him to anyone wanting to train their dog.”

“I wanted to thank you for helping us out with what appeared to be a lost cause. Ty has become a different dog since the last time you saw him and a more pleasant one to be around as well. We have successfully put an end to his barks and growls on his walks. Ty continues to be a big part of our family, and I thank you for helping us with him.” D. Smith

We have many more personal testimonials, but we know you get the picture!