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Temperament Testing

What is Temperament Testing?

Temperament Testing is one method K-9 Achievers, Inc® CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL TRAINERS uses to evaluate personality characteristics to help you select a dog that will best adapt to your family and lifestyle. An evaluation of your dog’s personality, behavioral problems and breed characteristics will be needed to determine the program that’s best for your dog.

Why Temperament Testing is important to you and your family?

Puppies are NOT all the same, there are easy ones and there are challenging ones. Make your life simpler by finding out before you take him/her home! A dog’s temperament may not match your lifestyle. A dog with physical limitations or that is shy may never be the playmate you want for your active children.

Temperament Testing helps you understand the best methods for raising your particular dog.

A dog’s temperament is first inherited, then modified by events in his life and proper training from K-9 Achievers, Inc.®. 214-587-1364.

Note: The validity and reliability of Temperament Testing is useful only when the trainer has years of experience with hundreds of dogs. Checking off responses to exercises is of little value unless performed by a knowledgeable trainer. Temperament Tests were originally developed in 1979, and are used by reputable breeders and professional dog trainers to aid in determining which puppies have the most suitable personalities for show, fieldwork, service dogs, guide dogs, and family pets.

We recommend: On your very first visit to the dog source, it is wise to leave the children at home. The initial visit should be as objective as possible.

Think about getting a new puppy like buying a car, not like picking up a candy bar in the supermarket check-out aisle. Don’t make a same-day decision.

A dog is a very personal choice. Don’t get a dog as a “surprise” for someone else. Imagine how you would feel if someone else surprised you by choosing a new roommate for you.

After you have surveyed the situation, bring the entire family to meet a dog to make sure the dog fits in well with everyone. Some places will even allow you to bring along an existing family pet.

Know the general breed traits for which the breed (or breeds) was selected for over the years (hunting, fighting, chasing vermin, herding) — these instincts will be very strong in a purebred dog.

Ask about the dog’s background. Try to determine the dogs’ experiences with humans and other dogs.

Always temperament test the dog to help you make your choice.

“Never work against Mother Nature.”Cesar Millan-National Geographic Channel (NGC) series Dog Whisperer

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