Because your dog deserves the best education

Seth Botts – Owner of K-9 Achievers

Seth Botts – owner of K-9 Achievers, Inc.®, is a Professionally Schooled Certified Professional Dog Trainer. His farm background and insight with animals assures you of reliable, humane training for your dog. A good dog trainer has substantial knowledge about dog behavior, behavior modification, and has good counseling skills.

Seth has trained numerous police K-9’s in narcotics, bomb detection, and patrol as well as certifying a dog with the NNDDA (National Narcotic Detector Dog Association). He is experienced in private and group obedience instruction. Seth attended Southeast Missouri State University and graduated from the Tom Rose School of Dog Training. (1-800-TOMROSE)

“Are you wanting to better understand your dog? You are his life, his love, his leader. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.”

“I have trained hundreds of dogs from small household pets to large protection and narcotic dogs used by police K-9 units and the DEA. I’m a professionally schooled, serious program graduate of a world-class professional dog trainer school. This is my career. You and your dog will appreciate the quality training received from me. My clients are well pleased, and I am confident that you will be, too!

Please consider that there are many people involved in the field of dog training today. Trying to determine who is truly a qualified professional can be a difficult task. Anyone can call him/herself a dog trainer, behaviorist, or even a certified dog trainer. Ads with inflated claims and impressive sounding titles can be deceptive. If a trainer claims to have “studied” at well-known schools or with “famous” trainers/behaviorists, ask for their telephone numbers and contact them. Some trainers attend a couple of one or two day seminars/workshops then claim to have studied with that person or at that institution.

My initial training at The Tom Rose School involved a 5 month, 8+ hr./day on-site course followed by exams for each aspect of training. After completing this course, I trained for 2 months in the Masters Program. I was employed for one year at a large training facility which concentrated on obedience. I then worked with an international business centered around police and protection dogs.

When I began K-9 Achievers, Inc® over 13 years ago, my goal was to provide people high quality dog training with convenience so owners could truly enjoy and be proud of their dog. I believe success is in the satisfaction of my clients and knowing their dogs will have a great life.”

After your first informative in-home dog training lesson, from a professionally certified dog trainer, you and your dog will understand why K-9 Achievers is the company of choice. All you need to know… K-9 Achievers, Inc. ® Veterinarian and Client References. We look forward to meeting your dog! 214-587-1364