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Why Off Leash Control is Important

Why Off Leash Control is ImportantK-9 Achievers, Inc.® LEVEL 2 is designed to provide a keen focus and lengthen your dog’s attention span. Off leash control is important as advanced work includes basic commands both on and off leash with distractions, hand signals and more.

Why Off Leash Control is Important?

This is a high achievement in the world of dog obedience. Lessons are performed with distractions such as in town parks, often with soccer and baseball games in progress. When camping, fishing, hiking, playing Frisbee, entertaining guests at home, or whatever the activity, voice control of your dog is imperative. It provides for greater safety for your pet and all of society. Do not attempt to do off-leash work with a puppy. Only mentally mature, well-trained dogs should be worked off leash.

When your dog is ready for Level 2 training, Seth will find a place where you and your dog can be safe.

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An evaluation of your dog’s personality, behavioral problems and breed characteristics will be needed to determine the program that’s best for your dog. Call for an evaluation today 214-587-1DOG (1364).