Because your dog deserves the best education
  • Safety is imperative at any age

    Different breeds have different temperaments

  • Your dogs should look to you for direction

    On and off leash obedience are both important

  • Make a companion for years to come

    Well mannered dogs are always welcome

  • Obedience & control is very important for large breeds

    Many large breeds are favorites indoors and outdoors

  • Make training fun for you and your dog

    Sessions are geared toward the dog's attention span

Recent Posts

Why In-Home Training?

K-9 Achievers primary objective is to train in the environment where your dog learns the best. In short, you will get more for your money spent by in-home training where the dog lives. Boarding and training facilities may be convenient for some, however your dog learns best in his home setting. There will be fewer ... Read More »

Why Off Leash Control is Important

K-9 Achievers, Inc.® LEVEL 2 is designed to provide a keen focus and lengthen your dog’s attention span. Off leash control is important as advanced work includes basic commands both on and off leash with distractions, hand signals and more. Why Off Leash Control is Important? This is a high achievement in the world of ... Read More »

Safety & Children

The potential relationship between a child and the dog who considers himself the family guardian is precious, and it needs to be nurtured and guided. Buy a dog from a reputable breeder. When buying a dog from a reputable breeder or a rescue organization. Let K-9 Achievers Inc. ® help you temperament test and select ... Read More »